Pencil-Free Puzzles

Short Head-Scratchers from the Easy to Near Impossible

Nathan Haselbauer


Challenge your brain with these 201 ingenious, pencil-free brain teasers! Pit your wits against puzzles like:

  • A car dealer spends $20,000 for some used cars. He sold them for $27,500, making an average of $1,500 on each car. How many cars did he sell?
  • A single-elimination billiards tournament is held for 100 players. How many matches must be held before a winner is crowned?
  • If each of Peter's sons has twice as many sisters as brothers and each of his daughters has just as many sisters as brothers, how many sons and daughters does Peter have?
  • If Beth is as old as Bill will be when Trish is as old as Beth is now, who is the oldest?


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