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Trends in Sewing

Sewing has certainly experienced a resurgence recently, driven by a blend of technological advancements, sustainability concerns and a desire for creativity.

Focus on Sustainability & Mindfulness

There is an increasing emphasis on sustainability in the general community with many sewists choosing eco-friendly fabrics and incorporating sustainable practices like upcycling and zero-waste management into their lives and projects. Many Australian sewists have also rediscovered the joy of slow stitching, embroidery and other hand-sewn embellishments as a way to express creativity while offering a mindful experience.

This trend is highlighted by significant demand for books such as Visible Creative Mending for Knitwear, Zero Waste Fashion Design, Mending with Boro, Visible Mending by Hand and Fashion Upcycling to name just a few.

Home Sewing as a Creative Outlet

With the rise of the DIY culture and the desire for individuality in fashion, more Australians are turning to sewing as a creative outlet while enjoying the freedom to customize their wardrobes with unique designs (with individualised fitting!), colours and embellishments.

Authors such as Natalie Chanin with her Alabama Studio Sewing + Design and Jenny Rushmore with both Sewing the Curve and Ahead of the Curve are very popular. But it is not just full-size fashion that is attracting sewists with Making Luna Lapin (and others in the Luna series), The Wind in the Willows Felt Friends, Making Marmalade and Hedgerow hugely popular.

Technological Advancements

The availability of advanced sewing machines with features like automatic threading, computerized stitch selection and embroidery capabilities makes sewing easier and more efficient, appealing to both beginners and experienced sewists.

While machines may be getting easier to use, sewists are still seeking ‘how to’ support with books like You and Your Sewing Machine and the works of Debbie Shore.

Personalized Fashion

Home sewing allows individuals to personalize their clothing and accessories, reflecting their unique style preferences and identities. From custom embroidery designs to handmade alterations, Australians are embracing the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind pieces that cannot be found in mass-produced fashion.

Authors such as Lotta Jansdotter (Lotta Jansdotter's Everyday Style) and Gretchen Hirsch (Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses) offer unique, and very different, style options.

Community and Social Sewing

Sewing communities are forming both online and in-person, providing opportunities for enthusiasts to share skills, knowledge and camaraderie. This trend is particularly evident in events like sewing circles, workshops and collaborative projects aimed at preserving traditional techniques and fostering creativity in a supportive environment for enthusiasts of all levels.

The Can Do Books monthly sewing circle is just one example of this trend, with a group meeting regularly here in Melbourne to share space, facilities and feedback on their latest creations. And with nearly 400 sewing books available online, there is something for sewists in all parts of Australia from the beginner to the accomplished specialist.