A hilarious and useful guide to the 100 terms smart people should know

Ross Petras & Kathryn Petras


Pedantic is a compendium of 100 words and phrases smart people use – even if they only kinda sorta (secretly don't) know what they mean – with pithy definitions and fascinating etymologies to solidify their meanings.

Language gurus Ross Petras and Kathryn Petras explain all of the words and phrases covering the worlds of science, the arts and philosophy. They explore broad topics, like quantum physics and ontology, and more specific ones, like shibboleth and bête noire. From Latin phrases we often hear and read (prima facie, sui generis and the like) to those pesky words that have entered our vocabularies from other languages (bildungsroman, sturm und drang), this book will inform and delight even the most pernickety word nerds.


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