101 Weird Words (and Three Fakes)

From Ambidextrous to Zugzwang

David Astle


101 Weird Words (and Three Fakes) is a mini dictionary jam-packed with unusual or interesting words, followed by a fun and descriptive definition for each one.

Filled with silly pictures and strange wordy facts, this is a book to sweep the reader through the alphabet from ambidextrous (no repeated letters) to zugzwang (not a place you want to visit), with a generous sprinkling of riddles, puzzles and bonus facts.

For an extra challenge, try to spot the three fakes in the collection. Is it yarg – the cheese that turned its maker backwards? Or maybe juffle – the semi-jig, semi-shuffle you do on a zebra crossing? Only a true word detective will crack the case!


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    200 x 130mm
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    Allen & Unwin
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