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Crochet is So Popular!

Why has crochet become one of the most popular crafts?

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, it offers a world of creativity and the opportunity to make beautiful and functional handmade items. To get started is relatively simple and inexpensive: all you need is a hook, yarn and a pattern book or two!

The key aspects that you should know include:

Materials and Tools

  • Hooks: These come in various sizes and the size of the hook determines the size of the stitches – the bigger the hook, the bigger the stitch!
  • Yarn or Thread: Different types of yarn or thread create different textures and effects. Yarns vary in thickness (and just like the hook, the thicker the yarn the bigger the stitch) and, of course, come in a wide variety of colours and different composition.

Basic Stitches

You will find slightly different technical terms between British and American patterns, but don’t let that deter you from getting started. With just a little practice in one style or the other, you will soon switch seamlessly between the two.

Popular Techniques

  • Amigurumi: The art of crocheting stuffed animals or toys.
  • Tunisian: Combine elements of crochet and knitting to create a dense and textured fabric.
  • Granny Square: A geometric design, which typically consists of a centre circle surrounded by multiple rounds of stitches, creating a square shape.


  • Patterns provide instructions on how to create a specific item and include information on stitch counts, hook size and colour changes.
  • Patterns can range from simple, like scarves and dishcloths, to complex, like intricate lace doilies and detailed amigurumi.


You to create a wide range of items, including blankets, scarves, hats, jumpers, socks, bags and amigurumi is hugely popular.


  • A relaxing and meditative hobby, offering stress relief and a sense of accomplishment.
  • A portable craft, making it easy to create on the go.
  • A social activity, with many enthusiasts joining groups or classes to share their love for the craft.


You are in the right place at Can Do Books. We have over 340 crochet books – and even a good range of hooks – for everyone from the beginner to the expert that cover everything from techniques and an array of project ideas with stimulating patterns.