Life in Seasons Volume 1 Winter & Spring

The Embroidered World of Nicola Jarvis

Nicola Jarvis


Early each morning, Nicola Jarvis and her beloved golden retriever, Quince, embark on a daily adventure exploring the Warwickshire countryside. This daily ritual has become the inspiration for a collection of stunning embroidered pieces, where Nicola has captured the changing seasons in the world around her in stitch.

Each design reflects the essential connections of animal and plant life through Nicola’s unique, embroidered ecosystems of flowing lines and intricate patterns, balancing texture and colour with wool, silk, cotton and metallic threads, all worked onto printed panels. A world of wonder and natural beauty awaits you in these eight vignettes of local wildlife.

  • Stoneleigh Badger Monochrome badger stitched with wool and silk threads onto linen twill
  • Fairhurst Fox Shy fox embellished with flowers and leaves
  • Warwickshire Hare Striking hare surrounded by a pussy willow wreath
  • Milverton Mallard Colourful mallard amongst bulrushes and kingcup
  • Avonlea Moth A diaphanous moth clothed in nettle flowers and leaves
  • Blossom Hedge Sparrows Subtly coloured sparrows amongst delicate flowers and foliage
  • The Allotment Basket Stunning stumpwork moths resting on a floral basket
  • Small Blue Butterfly Tiny jewel-like butterfly with banded wing tips


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