Finding Home in a Garden

Lulah Ellender


From a woman who found solace in her own small patch of land, an engaging and moving exploration of why we garden.

Lulah Ellender's garden in Sussex is an unruly but beloved place. It is also not permanently her own. When Lulah is told that she and her family might have to leave the rented house, her immediate response is to freeze, to neglect the plants she has spent years cultivating. But before long she finds herself back in the garden, tidying, planning and planting – putting down roots even though she may not be there to see the shoots emerge.

Lulah explores the broader relationship between gardener and garden and considers the ways in which tending the soil, growing plants and tuning into the unceasing rhythms of nature can help us live with uncertainty and bring a sense of coming home, of feeling grounded and, ultimately, of finding one's time-bound place here on Earth.


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