Thrifty Household

More than 1000 Budget-Friendly Hints and Tips for a Clean, Waste-Free Home
Country Women's Association of Victoria


A modern classic for a new generation looking for environmentally friendly, thrifty, tried and true solutions for tackling everyday household tasks.

Red wine on the carpet? Coffee stain on your white t-shirt? Candlewax on the tablecloth? This book will save you time and money on hundreds of everyday household problems, with advice on everything from unblocking a sink (if you own a tennis ball but not a plunger) to making your oven sparkle without any toxic chemicals.

The advice is simple, the wisdom is tested and the tools are found in pretty much every kitchen, laundry, garage or shed: lemon juice, vinegar, essential oils, bicarbonate of soda, salt, methylated spirits. Most are environmentally friendly and all are thrifty.


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    Murdoch Books
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