Tiny Plants

Leslie Halleck


Tiny Plants explores the world of miniature houseplants and profiles dozens of itty bitty foliage and flowering plants to grow on your windowsill or inside a terrarium.

You'll discover a fascinating array of perfectly petite houseplants you can collect and grow-in a minimal amount of space. These are the eternal puppies, kittens, and babies of the plant world-they never grow out of their cuteness because their genetics keep them itty bitty for their entire lives. Beyond a few small succulents, most houseplant parents aren't aware of the extensive array of tiny plants they can collect and display on windowsills, on tables and desks, and in terrariums. Prepare for cuteness overload with:

  • Profiles of dozens of miniature houseplants, including aquatic, carnivorous, flowering, succulent and tropical varieties
  • Detailed growing information and tips for success
  • A fascinating look at the botany of miniature houseplant varieties
  • Advice on how to stylishly display your tiny plant collection
  • How-to lessons on the basics of propagating mini houseplants to share with friends
  • Details on the best tiny houseplants for terrarium growing

From the sweet blooms of micro orchids and the soft, smooth texture of lithops, to the frog foot-shaped foliage of the creeping oak fig and the tiny orbs of the string-of-pearls, you'll fall in love with these little curiosities.


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