Learn Watercolour Landscapes Quickly

Hazel Soan


This book explores the basics of watercolour landscapes with lots of simple exercises and step-by-step demonstrations that are perfect for any beginner. That lifelong ambition of painting somewhere that is important to you can become a possibility with the help of this nifty little book which covers:

  • Chapter 1 – Creating Space, including depth and distance, 'game of tones', perspective, warm and cool colours, background, middle ground and foreground
  • Chapter 2 – Composition and Focus with guidance on inspiration, design, focus, leading lines and figures in the landscape
  • Chapter 3 – Light with techniques on sources of light, angle of light, light and shadows and seasons
  • Chapter 4 – Colours of the Landscape, mixing watercolours, transparent and opaque, choosing colours, cool or warm blue, mixing greens, warm reds and yellows.
  • Chapter 5 – Watercolour Painting Techniques include painting en plein air, brushwork, wet on dry, wet into wet, etc, laying a wish, creating texture plus specific landscape themes (skies, foliage, forests, fields, grasses, gardens, rivers and lakes, mountains, seascapes, wilderness, desert, urban landscapes, panoramas, sunsets)


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