Joyful Mending

Visible Repairs for the Perfectly Imperfect Things We Love!

Noriko Misumi


Joyful Mending shows you how to fix old items of clothing, linens and household objects by turning tears and flaws into beautiful features.

Simply by applying a few easy sewing, darning, felting or crocheting techniques, as well as some sashiko and other embroidery stitches, you can repair your favourite pieces in a transformative way. These techniques don't just save you money, but make your life more joyful, fulfilling and sustainable in an age of disposable "fast fashion."

Author Noriko Misumi teaches you her philosophy of mending and reusing items based on the age-old Japanese concepts of mindfulness and wabi sabi (an appreciation of old and imperfect things). She shows you how to:

  • Repair any kind of fabric that is torn, ripped or stained-whether knitted or woven
  • Work with damaged flat or curved surfaces to make them aesthetically pleasing again
  • Create repairs that blend in, as well as bold or whimsical visible repairs
  • Darn your handmade or expensive gloves, sweaters and socks to make them look great again


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