Barefoot Kids

Your Epic Money Adventure

Scott Pape


If you want the kids in your life to be good with money, hand them this book. Teaching kids about money isn't easy. So let Scott Pape, the Barefoot Investor, do it for you! No, seriously: this is one book kids will WANT to read.

Scott takes them on an epic, page-turning money ADVENTURE – with fun projects, inspiring stories from 45 kids, rewards and real-life stickers. It's easily the most unique finance book ever written. After all, how many books about money have Slime Queens, TikTok stars and dogs pooping on the page?

Kids will roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, and learn the value of a buck the old-fashioned way. Over six action-packed steps, Scott teaches kids:

  • Why they should help out around the house for free
  • How to set up their own money buckets
  • How to SAVE for (and get) anything they want (that their parents approve of)
  • How to turbocharge their savings by running their own mini business
  • Why they should use their GIVE bucket to make a real difference to other people (kindness counts!)
  • How to kick-start a lifetime of compound interest by investing with as little as $5


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    235 x 185mm
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    Harper Collins
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