Cartoon Animation with Preston Blair

Preston Blair


Acclaimed cartoon animator Preston Blair shares his vast practical knowledge to explain and demonstrate the many techniques of cartoon animation. By following his lessons, you can make any character – person, animal, or object – come to life through animated movement!

While animators must first know how to draw, the animation process involves much more than just good drawing skills. This book teaches all the other knowledge and skills animators must have:

  • How to construct original cartoon characters, developing a character's shape, personality, features and mannerisms
  • How to create movements such as running, walking, dancing, posing, skipping, strutting and more
  • The finer points of animating a character, including creating key character poses and in-betweens
  • All about dialogue, how to create realistic mouth and body movements and facial expressions while the character is speaking; with helpful diagrams showing mouth positions, along with a thorough explanation of how sounds are made using the throat, tongue, teeth and lips
  • A variety of technical topics, including background layouts, cartoon storyboards and the synchronisation of camera, background, characters, sound and music

Full of expert advice from animation pioneer Preston Blair, as well as helpful drawings and diagrams, Cartoon Animation with Preston Blair is a book no animation enthusiast should be without.


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    Walter Foster
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