Amigurumi Treasures

15 Crochet Projects to Cherish
Erinna Lee


Let's go on a wonderful treasure hunt! Designer Erinna Lee has drawn up a map to help you discover her most darling amigurumi.

Lottie the ladybug dreams of becoming a pilot, Charlie the platypus trains to become an Olympic athlete, Rosie the fawn gives her all to gardening and Rex the dinosaur professor has just discovered the fossils of the Crochetosaurus. The 15 amigurumi in this book are little gems, waiting to be discovered and cherished by you. They are outfitted with the most kawaii accessories that you can mix and match with the other characters as well.

The author shares a wealth of information in this book, so with a couple of stitches and some soft yarn, you will make your very own amigurumi treasure trove in no time!


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    230 x 190mm
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    Meteoor Books
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