Designing with Grasses

Neil Lucas


Ornamental grasses provide glorious visual impact and a dynamic sense of movement. They are easy to care for, provide excellent wildlife habitats, and are sustainable. Neil Lucas captures all this in a practical, accessible, and beautifully illustrated book that appeals to gardeners who want a contemporary garden without too much effort.

Designing with Grasses looks at how grasses perform in the wild to help readers choose the right plants for their garden. A section is dedicated to recreating the grasslands found in prairies, steppes, and meadows in a backyard setting.

Additional design chapters challenge conventional divisions about planted and non-planted areas of the garden. Putting the right plant in the right place is crucial to the creation of sustainable plantings, and Lucas' picks for grasses for particular situations are especially helpful.

Environment-friendly options for green roofs, erosion control and habitat restoration along with alternatives to lawn grasses are also included.


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