Little Book of Orchids

Gems of Nature
Maarten Christenhusz, Mark Chase & Tom Mirenda


The Little Book of Orchids introduces you to 75 exquisite examples from around the world. One in every seven flowering plants on earth is an orchid, and they have evolved to thrive in a wide variety of habitats, and come in a huge array of colours and designs – developed to ensure they are pollinated, and thus survive.

Using beautifully coloured engravings, this book showcases a select few from this remarkable plant family illustrating the startling hues and striking forms that make orchids such popular plants. Ingenious flowers abound, with the vampire dragon, monkey-face and black fiddle orchids providing dramatic blooms, while several species, such as the bee orchid, are masters of mimicry, designed to fool insects into thinking they have found a mate.

Get to know these fabulous flowers in this handy little book.


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