In the Home: Cardboard Creations

Create over 10 Amazing Cardboard Scenes

Fiona Hayes


Recycle those cardboard boxes the fun way and bring your kids' imaginations to life. From a kitchen to a shop, a nursery to a greenhouse, this book offers instructions, tips and trick on how to build everything in day-to-day life from a cardboard box.

Nothing beats the joy a cardboard box can bring on a rainy day. Want to fly a plane? Get a cardboard box. Want to go to space? Cardboard box. Want to build a castle and hold a jousting tournament? That's right – you need a cardboard box! The book is bursting full of ideas for how to turn that magical cardboard box into so many exciting playthings.

Kids can build a kitchen to cook in or a shop with its own to till to run in using the simple instructions and full colour photos. Like the humble cardboard box, this book will stretch as far as their imagination will allow.

Recommended for ages 3+.


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    290 x 235mm
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    QED Publishing
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