Mastering Kilns and Firing

Raku, Pit and Barrel, Wood Firing, and More

Lindsay Oesterritter


Mastering Kilns and Firing is an all-in-one resource for potters looking to go beyond the electric kiln.

Learn the key techniques, tips, and tricks for pit, barrel, raku and wood firing. Fall in love with flames, wood and the effect that unique firing methods have on pottery. Move beyond the electric kiln and explore the dramatic surfaces of raku, the flashes of salt firing and the rustic look of ash rivulets.

Lindsay Oesterritter provides a crash course in the most accessible methods of alternative firing. Raku firing requires minimal equipment and can easily be fuelled with a standard propane tank. Likewise, pit and barrel firing do not require much in the way of initial investment. Yet all these techniques provide an immediate glimpse into the magic of firing. Bright reds and blues, dramatic black and white crackle, even metallic lustre are instantly possible. For more experienced potters and studios looking to offer more, he also explores wood-fired kilns.

Drawing on years of experience and extensive interviews with fellow wood-fire potters, there is no comparable resource on the market.Features on top potters working today get to the heart of specialty techniques and asides show firing variations and traditional kilns in different cultures around the world.

A gallery of show-stopping work from a diverse group of artists rounds out the package and will inspire you to get started.


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