Math Art

Truth, Beauty, and Equations
Stephen Ornes


This thought-provoking, visually stunning book illustrates the sensational fusion of math and art.

The author explores the growing sensation of math art, presenting more than 80 pieces, including a crocheted, colourful representation of non-Euclidian geometry that looks like sea coral and a 65-ton, 28-foot-tall bronze sculpture covered in a space-filling curve. For each work, we get the artist’s story followed by accessible explanations of the mathematical concept and equations behind the art.

From 3D-printed objects that give real form to abstract mathematical theories, to mystic fractals, to Andy Warhol as a solution to the Traveling Salesman Problem, these artworks embody some of strangest, most beautiful relationships among numbers and across dimensions.


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    235 x 215mm
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    Sterling Publishing
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