Wooden Dinky Toys

Simple Techniques & Complete Plans to Build 18 Tiny Classics

Les Neufeld


With easy-to-follow instructions, anyone can make beautiful versions of these classic toys in wood...

In Wooden Dinky Toys, all the projects have been chosen by the level of historical popularity, as well as the ease of conversion to a wooden counterpart. Each are made to scale – approximately 1/64, typical of small diecast toys – and have a few moving parts, but they are all simple enough to make. Only basic tools are needed and the materials can be found among the scraps of any shop or garage.

Best of all, these are woodworking projects that will appeal to all skill levels. Strict adherence to the "blueprints" isn't required and all the toys can be altered to suit personal preference. Many options are provided along the way, with suggestions for ways to customize further, that allow crafters to put their own stamp on each toy while generating lots of ideas for the next project.


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