New Vegetable Garden Techniques

Essential Skills and Projects for Tastier, Healthier Crops
Joyce & Ben Russell


This book is ideal for beginners, improvers and those serious about growing tasty, healthy organic fruit and vegetables.

Some of the techniques are developed from the author's own trials and observations; others are classic techniques that are still useful now. With a bit more detail, and a step-by-step project, a technique becomes much easier to follow and understand.

The book makes several promises to its readers.

  • By following its advice you will grow great fruit and vegetables
  • The knowledge you gain will save you time as well as money
  • You'll enjoy the gardening journey and the discoveries made along the way
  • You'll find greener and cleaner ways of doing things, and you'll improve your skills, methods and habits


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    250 x 195mm
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    White Lion
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