Your Backyard Birds

Understanding the Behaviours, Habits and Needs of Our Brilliant Birds
Grainne Cleary


This is an inspiring and heartwarming book about our human relationships with the birds who share our backyards.

Observing and interacting with all the different birds who visit Australian backyards leads naturally to questions about their behaviours, habits and needs. Why are they visiting? What do they want from us? For a bird, life in Australia means having mates: others who you can trust and work with to locate food and water, which can disappear as suddenly as it appears. As the humans who plant the gardens they live in and visit, what can we learn from Australia's often-cheeky birds?

Your Backyard Birds is a delightful and compelling read with new insights about the lives of our avian friends providing a fresh and lively perspective on human interaction with birds.


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    235 x 155mm
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    Allen & Unwin
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