Boyfriend Jacket

Silhouettes by Peggy Sagers


Our boyfriend jacket has one button at the waist, welt pockets, and options of B, C or D cup fronts. No more gapping along the neck edge with great fit along the shoulders and back.

The pattern is lined and has two piece sleeves, a center back seam and side panels to provide optimum movement for the wearer.

Silhouettes are different from other patterns in a number of ways:

  • "W" sizing for proportional fit
  • Patterns that are based on your cup size! B, C and D cup sizing provided with separate front pattern pieces
  • Shortening and lengthening lines provided
  • No-gap armholes or necklines

All measurements on the pattern are for finished garment size and are not body measurements. You will need to measure a garment you like to wear to choose the size you want.


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