Japanese Hapi & Haori

Folkwear – sewing patterns for ethnic & historic clothing & costumes



For formal occasions or everyday layered dressing, either jacket offers a special touch to any wardrobe. Simple rectangular shapes are great for inventive colour and texture combinations. A pattern for the tabi, the traditional split-toe slipper socks, is included.

Suggested fabrics: For the Hapi, choose light to medium-weight soft or crisp cottons or blends; silks with body such as noil or shantung; linen; wool. For the Haori, choose light to medium-weight soft fabrics with drape such as silk, rayon or blends. For the Tabi, choose medium-weight cotton or blends. Fabrics with nap, pile or one-way design are not suitable for either jacket.

Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 20 (Hapi & Haori); Men's 34 – 44 (Hapi)


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