Origami Ocean Friends

35 Water-Based Favorites to Fold in an Instant
Mari Ono


Mari Ono has put together an awesome collection of ocean dwellers and seaside creatures.

Split into four sections, start with Along the Coastline, where you’ll find a seagull, pelican and polar bear to practice your folds on. Next comes In the Rock Pool, with a crab, starfish and sea anemone to make, followed by Around the Reef, which is packed with tropical fish. Finally, In the Deep has a turtle, ray, squid and more to try.

Every project comes with simple step-by-step instructions and clear photographs, as well as helpful arrows showing you where to fold. Each design has also been given a skill rating, so start with an easy one and once you’ve mastered that, move on to something a bit more challenging. Includes 50 specially designed papers so you can start folding right away.


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    235 x 230mm
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    Cico Books
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