Complete Oil Painter

The Essential Reference Source for Artists

Brian Gorst


Equally suitable for spontaneous work as well as for large ambitious studio paintings, oils are perhaps the most versatile of all paints. And yet for many painters, their use is shrouded in mystery, while others regard them as "difficult" medium.

This book, now back in print by popular demand, sets out to show that, with proper instruction, nothing could be further fom the truth. The key to mastery of the medium is a full understanding of the constituents of oil painting – binders, dilutents, varnishes, mediums, driers – and their properties, all of which are clearly explained and illustrated with over 200 colour images, backed up by comprehensive information on supports, equipment and techniques.

  • Easy-to-follow illustrated step-by-step instructions to all the techniques of oil paint application
  • Explanation of the use of colour and form in oil painting
  • Everything you need to know about choosing tools and materials and making efficient use of a studio
  • Advice on how to get the best results in still life, portraiture, abstract work and many other genres
  • Beautiful reproductions of the work of professional oil painters illustrate the skills, techniques and themes discussed in the text


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