Amazing Magic Tricks for Beginners

Impress Your Friends with Simple to Learn Magic that Anyone Can Do

Bryan Miles


With a little practice and this beginner's guide, you will quickly be amazing your friends and family with your new sleight-of-hand craft.

Amazing Magic Tricks for Beginners offers just the right level of foundational guidance in easy-to-follow, illustrated, step-by-step instruction. Whether it's cards, coins or magic boxes and hats, even the most inexperienced magic enthusiasts will be able to access the insider magic tips and performance advice taught in this book.

Professional magician Bryan Miles presents:

  • A guide to all the tools you will need to do everything from a simple card trick to tricks that use multiple props to execute
  • The practical elements for executing a wide array of tricks, starting with the basics and including fresh takes on traditional tricks
  • Performance skills such as distraction, sleight of hand, storytelling and pace, which are the key to executing a convincing magic trick


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    235 x 190mm
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    New Shoe Press
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