Plastic Cameras

Lo-Fi Photography in the Digital Age

Chris Gatcum


This book offers a practical guide to shooting with a plastic camera, including hot tips and tricks on:

  • Loading, advancing and unloading film
  • Using the viewfinder
  • Dealing with the light leaks that can fog or streak the film (while not necessarily discouraging these happy accidents!)
  • Camera modifications and reinforcements

Although the rule of shooting with plastic cameras is that there are no rules, the book suggests ways to get the most from these unpredictable devices:

  • Capturing movement
  • Producing multiple exposures
  • Shooting in low light conditions
  • Dealing with flare
  • Shooting close-ups
  • Using flash
  • Using filters

There's also sound, practical advice on:

  • Experimenting with film types – film options include black-and-white, infrared, color negative, transparency and instant
  • Film processing – lab processing includes 'cross-processing', where color transparency film is processed by the color negative process (with awesome results!); hand processing in which photographer becomes developer; and push and pull processing, where images are tweaked in the darkroom
  • Printing your images


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