Simply Vintage 34


Simply Vintage 34 features 19 projects that include patterns and instructions:

  • Birds in the Tree by Itsaso Larrauri Rebollo
  • Courtship Dance by Nathalie Legendre
  • Modern Precious Thread by Laural Arestad
  • Berry Bouquet Runner by Jenelle Kent
  • Sewing and Reaping by Phyllis Meiring
  • Koko and her Posies by Phyllis Meiring
  • Embroidered Baskets by Cosabeth Parriaud
  • Dont’t put all your eggs in one Basket Nest Friends by Robin Kingsley
  • Daisy Coverlet by Chris Jurd
  • Flower Cart by Nancee Ariagno
  • Pincushion Cups by Cécile Franconie
  • Eglantine by Nathalie Legendre
  • Lady Bug treasures by Phyllis Meiring
  • Farm Charm Quilt by Stacie Bloomfield
  • Milestones by Mary A. Blythe
  • Hollyhock Heaven by Emily Hardwig
  • Sally by Valérie Briot Schmidt
  • Through the seasons spring by Tracy Souza
  • Forgotten Butterflies by Sylvie Sella

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