Adelaide Hills Gardens

Christine McCabe


The Adelaide Hills charts the evolution of gardening in Australia. And though anchored deeply in history, many of its gardens have their sights set firmly on the future. Old oak, elm and ash trees, planted long ago after memories of English gardens, live alongside stringybark eucalypts and native bush gullies, fruit-bearing orchards and wineries. All have thrived on the region's good rainfall, cool climate and natural springs. Over time, the Hills has weathered storms, droughts and fires.

In response to these changing conditions, gardens, too, have changed. Heavily forested slopes have, in many cases, given way to veggie patches, free-ranging chickens and sheep, while Victorian rose and rhododendron hordes have made room for climate-compatible native flora. Encompassing 20 gardens, taking in grand Victorian estates and repurposed municipal water tanks alike, this book is a testament to the power of gardens to adapt, delight and restore.


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