Sketchbook Idea Generator

Mix and Match Prompts for Your Art Practice
Jennifer Lewis


Designed to kick-start creativity for artists and hobbyists, the pages of this book are divided into three separate sections that can be flipped, mixed and matched to generate more than 40,000 unique sketchbook prompts! The Sketchbook Idea Generator is the author's response to one of the most frequent questions she receives: how does she come up with all of her ideas?

The book begins with an introductory section, in which she provides examples of her work as well as insight into her process of interpreting a prompt. The rest of the book consists of pages that are sliced into three “tabs” that represent the three essential elements of a good drawing prompt: medium, colour and subject. Together, the three tabs tell you what to draw, what art supplies to use and which colours to choose. With those basic decisions made, you can get right down to it!


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