Kombucha, Kefir and Beyond

A Fun and Flavorful Guide to Fermenting Your Own Probiotic Beverages at Home
Alex Lewin & Raquel Guajardo


Kombucha, Kefir, and Beyond contains healthy, innovative recipes and instructions to show you how to brew your own delicious, probiotic beverages in your own kitchen.

Fermented foods help improve digestion, enable us to better assimilate vitamins and minerals, and strengthen the immune system. And of all fermented foods, drinks are some of the most versatile – and tasty! You'll learn:

  • Why to ferment your drinks
  • The history of fermentation and the value of traditional foods
  • The benefits of fermented drinks to your health
  • All the basics: the process, the tools and how to get started
  • How to use starters to make kombucha, kefir, root beer, wine and others again and again
  • Age-old recipes for kvass, switchel, vinegar and mead
  • Everything you need to know about why the recipes work, why they are safe, what to do if they go wrong and how to modify them to suit your taste


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    235 x 190mm
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    Fair Winds
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