Little Book of Shells

Gems of Nature
M G Harasewych & Fabio Moretzsohn


The Little Book of Shells introduces you to 75 exquisite examples from around the world and the extraordinary variety of forms into which molluscs mould their shells, and the impressive types of external protection they have developed for a range of habitats.

The distinctive features of shells not only tell us about their genealogy, but also serve as an archive of the animal's life, indicating its size, habitat and growth pattern. And this gallery of pearl oysters, periwinkles, cowries and many more illustrates how shells can be as delicate as porcelain, coloured with iridescent pastels, or boldly patterned with a glossy sheen. The Little Book of Shells combines stunning images with fascinating facts in a handy format.


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    190 x 140mm
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    Ivy Press
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