Alterations & Repairs 200 Q&A

Questions Answered on Everything from Mending to Makeovers
Nan Ides


This book presents the most frequently-asked questions, and offers concise answers to all aspects of altering, mending and repairing dresses, skirts, coats and other garments.

It begins with learning the basics of mending by hand. This entails learning how to hold and thread a needle, knot the thread and sew several different mending stitches. Topics that follow include:

  • Sewing on buttons, hooks and snaps
  • Letting down and shortening hemlines, especially for children's clothing
  • Changing the shapes of sleeves and waistlines
  • Taking in, shortening and adjusting waistbands for pants and skirts, and much more

The author presents a wealth of mending and sewing tips that make it easy for everybody, especially beginners, to give altered garments a truly professional appearance. Approximately 100 color diagrams, photos and illustrations.


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    Spiral Bound Hardback
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    200 x 165mm
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