Wombats at the Zoo

Roland Harvey


The Wombats and their teachers, Ms Annabel and Mrs Nott, are off to the zoo.

Audrey bonds with bilbies, Alecia is on safari, Hughie wants to race a camel. Freddie explores underwater with his magic eye, Horrie is shocked by snakes, and Ima plays harmonica with a crocodile. Dante shoots hoops with the seals, Oliver admires the cheetah, and Albert calculates just how much one hippo can eat ...

By the end of the day, the Wombats don't want to leave. Can you help Mrs Nott find out where they all went?

"The zany and detailed illustrations by Harvey delightfully show the quirky nature of the children known as the Wombats ... and the fun and mischief they will, and do, get up to ..." Magpies


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    225 x 275mm
  • Publisher
    Allen & Unwin
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