National Trust Book of Jams

70 Mouthwatering Recipes for Jams, Marmalades and other Preserves
Sara Lewis


Sara Lewis brings together 70 mouthwatering recipes for jams, marmalades and preserves.

Whether it's the quintessential English strawberry or the more unusual minted marrow and blackberry jam, there is a something for everyone. As well as delightful fruity jams like spiced apple and bramble, raspberry and rhubarb and High Dumpsy Dearie (a mixture of apples, pears, plums, ginger and lemon), there are tangy jellies such as sloe and blackberry or elderberry and orange, and curds such as gooseberry or St Clement's. In addition, there are reduced sugar jams ideal for anyone trying to cut down sugar in your diet.

The book includes advice on how to grow your own fruit, the best way to use up gluts from the garden and how to achieve the perfect consistency. There are also fun bits of trivia about jam throughout history and in literature.


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