Yarn Magazine #54

The Australian Magazine for Creative People


Yarn #54 covers a wide range of skill sets and techniques to knit, felt, crochet or spin.


  • The Diversity of Yarn – Naomi James
  • Male Knitters – Jude Skeers
  • An Introduction to Pin Loom Weaving – Margaret Stump
  • Knitting is for Everyone: Featuring Joan Meade (99) and Desmond Thornley (7) – Stephanie Milne and Maria Layne
  • The Diversity of Unspun Fibre – Lill Roberts
  • Yarns from Plants: Banana Yarn – Naomi James
  • The Sewing Basket – Elayne Watson
  • Tips and Tricks: Diversity of Colour – Rie Natalenko
  • Knitting Around the World – Debra Hinton
  • Diversity: Knowing what to create next – Dianne Osborne


  • Crochet: Twiddlemuffs (with knitting option) – Beryl Ryan, Pride Necklace – Penny Eamer, Diversity Cardigan – Amy Lane
  • Knit: Diversity Beanie – Jenny Occleshaw, A Diversity of Pattern (socks) – Jenny Occleshaw, Diversity in Nature (hot water bottle covers) – Michelle Gordon, Chinese Lantern Scarf – Jenny Occleshaw, Cables – Anne Breen
  • Other Yarn Crafts: A Parliament of Owls (pin loom weaving) – Margaret Stump, Scarves for Community (pin loom weaving) – Elayne Watson, Pens for Everyone (tatting) – Daphne Scott


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