Modern Cheesemaker

Making and Cooking with Cheeses at Home
Morgan McGlynn


The Modern Cheesemaker shows you how to make approximately 12 delicious cheeses such as halloumi, pecorino, mozzarella and Indian paneer at home.

Using easy-to-follow instructions and including the author's expert tips, you'll learn how to become your own artisan cheesemaker. This beautifully photographed book also contains recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner using the cheeses you've created.

Read the inspiring and fascinating profiles of cheesemakers from around the world. All of them are experts and they impart their interesting stories and also share their favourite cheese recipes. Cheesemakers include Imran Saleh from India, Italy's Rosa Pidello Rosso, French creamery Beillevaire, and Old Chatham in the United States who formed the largest dairy farm in North America.


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    250 x 210mm
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    Jacqui Small
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