Beginner's Guide to Succulent Gardening

A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Beautiful & Long-Lasting Succulents
Taku Furuya


This book is a friendly guide to popular succulents, walking novices through all the basics, like:

  • Choosing your succulents – from Hens and Chicks (Echeveria) to bristly flowering cactus varieties
  • Mixing the right soils for your succulents and preparing the growing environment
  • Easy potting and transplanting techniques
  • Succulent care – including watering, fertilizing and providing the right amount of sun for each variety

In addition, the book features:

  • Helpful tips on what to look for when buying a plant, how to troubleshoot when your succulent shows signs of distress, how to trim the leaves and stems and how to start new plants from cuttings
  • Clear diagrams and at-a-glance fact sheets for each variety
  • Inspirational photos of attractively and happily-housed succulents


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