A Complete Guide to the Genus
Janis Ruksans


Few flowers can rival crocuses for the cheer they bring to the barren, late-winter garden and for the affection in which they are held by millions of gardeners. But though they're viewed as an icon of early spring, crocuses aren't just one-season wonders: there are also dozens of striking autumn-blooming species that appear just when they're most needed, as summer's flowers wind down. And because many species originate in the Mediterranean basin, they're ideal for gardens in which summer irrigation has been reduced or eliminated.

In this comprehensive authoritative reference Janis describes all the known species of the Crocus. Also included is expert information on cultivating crocuses (both in the ground and in containers), growing crocuses from seed and coping with pests and diseases.

Equally invaluable are the author's photographs, many taken in the plants native habitats. He discusses their use in the garden, their botanical characteristics and classifications-all in non-specialist language so that even readers without botanical background can profit by his knowledge and broad experience.


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