Fantastic Creatures and How to Draw Them

Sketchbook and Journal
Kev Walker


Master the art of sketching and illustrating a collection of marvellous beasts through how-to-art exercises, accompanied by advice and the techniques used by professionals.

From elementals that stalk you at night or the beasts that lurk beneath the water to the sand creatures that wander the lonely deserts of North Africa, there is a whole world of terrifyingly beautiful monsters to learn of and inspire you. Find stunning finished illustrations along with exciting ideas, hints and practical lessons on how to recreate the monster yourself, including suggestions for adding movement and texture.

From there, morph this precious-looking book into your very own sketchbook-journal and record and design your own fierce creations on the interactive pages inside. Stick and paste inspiring photographs and drawings onto the pages, work little sketches onto the plain sheets, and paint the amazing minute details that appear on your own beast's form – this will be your personal and ultimate notebook journaling your dark adventures.

With dozens of imaginative illustrations to inspire, discover this captivating bestiary now and create your own inky keepsake of these legendary creatures to treasure and share.

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    225 x 170mm
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    Search Press
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