Crafty Llama

Mike Kerr & Renata Liwska


Llama loves her friend Badger very much. With his birthday approaching, she thinks hard about what she would like to give him as a gift. Badger loves clocks. But Llama doesn't have much money to buy a clock, and she can't make him one by knitting, which is something she loves to do. But she knows a lot of other friends would love her knitted things. So she knits and knits and then sells her wonderful handmade things at a craft fair – something to tame Lion's mane, something to carry Elephant's trunk, something for turtle when he comes out of his shell. And soon she can buy Badger's gift.

Meanwhile, Badger has seen all the lovely knitted things that all their friends are sporting . . . and wishes for something knitted of his own. Maybe for his birthday, Llama will make him something?

Recommended for ages 4+.


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    235 x 230mm
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