Textile Folk Art

Anne Kelly


Anne Kelly explores the traditional motifs used in textile folk art and shows you how contemporary textile artists use these in their work today. Featuring step-by-step projects as well as work from contemporary artists and makers throughout, this practical and beautiful guide shows how practitioners of all kinds can draw from folk art for making and inspiration.

The book features sections on:

  • Samplers in Stitch – handmade mementoes and souvenirs created in the UK and USA
  • Nordic Notes – traditional Scandinavian textile art, and how modern screen printing and embroidery have been used by contemporary makers
  • Silk Road – the influence of nomadic cultures and textiles, including yurts in Mongolia and Miao folklore in China
  • Trees of Life – the motif of the tree in a variety of cultures

The author also looks at traditional techniques from South Asia and how to create your own Family Tree using photo transfers and appliqué.


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