Cars & Trucks on the Road

Alessia Girasole


This charming and witty 'can-you-find-it' large-format board book follows one purple car from road to road while a succession of other vehicles joins it.

Each spread also features a certain number of hidden items for children to find. Will kids be able to find the 10 black and white puppies alongside the lone purple car? What about the two black limousines and nine red stoplights? It all culminates in the final gatefold spread, which reveals a tremendous traffic jam with every car from the previous spreads!

Children will spend hours poring over this book as they search for their favourite vehicles and reoccurring characters on every page. Numbers and colours are clearly indicated on each spread, and although certainly busy, each spread is carefully designed to provide just the right amount of challenge to young children.

Recommended for ages 2+.


  • Format
    Board Book
  • Pages
  • Size
    280 x 215mm
  • Publisher
    Moon Dance
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