Pick up a Pen

Draw and Doodle with Every Kind of Pen
Frances Moffatt


A cute, quirky, practical art book, Pick up a Pen is a guide to making the most of pens, from creating perfect calligraphic script with pen and ink to making masterpieces with a Sharpie.

It covers drawing techniques such as crosshatching and scumbling that'll help you raise your sketchbook game, and is packed with ideas for what to draw and when. It introduces the world's greatest artists working in pen, and explores what your doodles say about you.

On top of the arty bits, the book also contains nifty pen hacks and handwriting tips, and it delves into the history of the pen with some fascinating facts – did you know that an estimated 15 million biros are sold every day? Stuffed with tips, tricks and an enormous sense of fun, this book will help you brandish a biro, perfect your pen and ink techniques and discover that markers really are magic!


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    225 x 190mm
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