DIY Hydroponic Gardens

How to Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water
Tyler Baras


DIY Hydroponic Gardens takes the mystery out of growing in water. Tyler Baras shows exactly how to build, plant and maintain more than a dozen unique hydroponic systems, some of which cost just a few dollars to make.

He has developed many unique and easy-to-build systems for growing entirely in water. With step-by-step photos he shows precisely how to create these systems and how to plant and maintain them. All the information you need to get started with your home hydroponic system is included, from recipes for nutrient solutions, to light and ventilation sources, to specific plant-by-plant details that explain how to grow the most popular vegetables in a self-contained, soilless system.

Even if you live in an area were water is scarce, a hydroponic system is the answer you’ve been looking for. Hydroponic systems are sealed and do not allow evaporation, making water loss virtually non-existent.


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