Drawing Calm

Relax, Refresh, Refocus with 20 Drawing, Painting and Collage Workshops
Susan Evenson


Maybe it's the colours, or the eye-stretching vistas, or maybe it's just the idea that harmony can exist on a square of canvas, but there is something in art that lets it calm and inspire at the same time. Susan Evenson, shows readers how to do the same. This is a book for everyone – non-artists as well as those with plenty of experience in a studio.

Using restful, but dynamic works of art as a starting point, Susan Evenson teaches how to capture the light and peace of the master painting. Making use of "soft" techniques such as torn-paper collage, blended pastels and wet-on-wet watercolour, this workshop encourages stress-free creativity.

Put on the music that makes you happy and choose the colours that take you there too!


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    255 x 215mm
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    Quarry Books
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