Art Quilts of the Midwest

Linzee Kull McCray


The Midwest of the US has always had strong textile communities. Now the 20 artists featured in this beautifully illustrated book have created a new community of original art forms that bring new life to an old tradition. For example:

  • Sally Bowker paints her fabrics with acrylics, creating marks and meaning with layers of hand stitching and appliquéd bits of fabric
  • Shin-hee Chin uses sketch-like stitching for its ability to penetrate fabric and create depth
  • Diane Núñez incorporates metals and mesh into her quilts connect to her days as a jeweller as well as to the topography of her home state of Michigan
  • Pat Owoc prepares papers with disperse dyes, then selects from as many as 150 to create her fabric
  • Martha Warshaw photographs old fabrics, tweaks the images in Photoshop and prints the results for her pieces, which connect her to the legacy of quilting in past generations


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