Who Discovered What When?

Five Hundred Years of Great Scientific Discoveries
David Ellyard


Featuring a multitude of stories of extraordinary scientific endeavour and outstanding discoveries Who Discovered What When? is an absorbing and easy-to-read book about the growth of scientific ideas and knowledge since 1500.

From Galileo, Newton and Darwin to Ernest Rutherford, Neils Bohr and Linus Pauling, it presents the scientists who have hypothesised, experimented and revealed the physical working of our world. It spans disciplines as broad as astronomy, palaeontology, chemistry, mathematics, geology, physics, biology and medicine. The book also sets scientific ideas in the context of the world stage at the time, sketching out what was happening in politics, the arts, exploration and technology. Each chapter covers half a century and includes 200–300 word stories are arranged chronologically.

Each of the 400 plus stories is largely self-contained and cross references will guide the reader to earlier or later developments that complete each story.


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    240 x 165mm
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    New Holland
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