Amplified Art

Dynamic Techniques for High-Impact Pages
Kass Hall


In this mixed-media guidebook, Kass Hall focuses on the personal designs made in art journals. Through art school, she and her professors noticed her best work often came from within her journal rather than the work she was creating to display, prompting her to begin focusing on this type of art. Kass created this book to inspire others to embrace art journaling as she has to allow free expression without worry or judgment.

Kass promises to:

  • Help you get started in creating visually striking journal pages
  • Share her own ideas and techniques to get you started
  • Encourage experimentation, enjoyment, and adding your own personal touch
  • Never restrict you or force you to share your work

This book will allow you to make artwork for just yourself and work without limits. Draw inspiration from Kass's designs and learn about how she transforms a blank page.


  • Format
  • Pages
  • Size
    255 x 210mm
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    North Light
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